Care Tips For Small Dogs

Posted on: 25 September 2020

All dogs, regardless of their size, require food, shelter, love, and vet care. However, dogs do somewhat vary in their care needs based on their size. Small dogs require different care than larger dogs. Here are some care tips that are specifically applicable to those wee canines. Keep them from jumping onto furniture Jumping up onto the couch takes a lot more effort for a small dog than for a big dog.
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3 Tips To Care For Your Dog's Ears

Posted on: 24 August 2020

Your dog's ears need to be cleaned and cared for just like your own. Their ears can accumulate a lot of dirt and debris, which can end up causing an issue with infections or other concerns. If you aren't sure how to care for your dog's ears, you need to talk to your veterinarian about how to get it done. It's a part of the grooming you need to do in order to care for your dog.
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Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid Of Vaccinating Your Dog

Posted on: 24 July 2020

There is a lot of debate in today's world about the necessity of vaccinations. While the arguments primarily pertain to humans, many people are hesitant to get their dogs vaccinated as well. If you are feeling unsure or even scared about getting your dog the pet vaccinations that the veterinarian recommends, you should get to know some of the reasons that you shouldn't be afraid of vaccinating your dog. Then, you can be sure you do what is best for your dog's health and well-being going forward.
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Pets Heading Outside This Summer? How To Identify Spider Bites On Them

Posted on: 25 June 2020

Summer is almost here. That means spiders will be coming out of the woodwork. If you have pets, you need to be concerned. Pets are curious by nature. That means they'll be nosing around the yard looking for things to find. All that curiosity increases the chances they'll find a spider. That also increases the chances they'll get bit. If a non-poisonous spider bites your pet, you shouldn't have anything to worry about.
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