Feel Your Pet Rabbit To Identify A Lump That Requires Care

Posted on: 11 February 2022


A lot of rabbits don't like when you pick them up, which means that you may primarily have a hands-off relationship with this pet. It's important, however, to make a point of regularly touching the surface of your rabbit's body to assess if there are any changes. If you struggle to pick up the pet, you can simply touch it while it sits on the floor in front of you. One thing to notice is whether there may be any lumps on the rabbit's body. These animals can develop several different types of lumps, and the discovery of one should prompt you to schedule an appointment with a local veterinarian.

Dental Abscess

Rabbits can often suffer from dental abscesses, and this ailment can result in a lump on the side of the animal's face. Some of these lumps can be large enough to easily see, while others are possible to notice through touching the animal. Get in the habit of gently rubbing the sides of the rabbit's face when you pet it, noting if one side feels more enlarged than the other. A dental abscess can be a serious issue that causes pain to your pet, so if you identify a lump on the rabbit's face, call your vet clinic to explain your discovery.


Like humans, rabbits can develop lipomas in numerous areas throughout their bodies. A lipoma is a deposit of fat that can vary in size. They tend to have a soft feel, but are still easy to detect because they won't feel like the surrounding tissue. Many lipomas don't hurt, so even if you press on this lump a little when you discover it, you shouldn't expect that your rabbit will react as though it's in pain. You'll want to report the presence of the apparent lipoma to your vet clinic. Because lipomas aren't overly serious, your vet may simply make a note to assess this issue during the rabbit's next routine appointment.


Unfortunately, tumors can grow on rabbits, including tumors of the cancerous kind. These lumps can appear in several different areas and grow at different speeds. If you feel a firm lump anywhere on the animal's body, you'll want to share your discovery with your local vet clinic. Given that this tumor may be cancerous, your vet will likely want to see the pet in the near future to run some tests to confirm the nature of the tumor.