Care Tips For Small Dogs

Posted on: 25 September 2020


All dogs, regardless of their size, require food, shelter, love, and vet care. However, dogs do somewhat vary in their care needs based on their size. Small dogs require different care than larger dogs. Here are some care tips that are specifically applicable to those wee canines.

Keep them from jumping onto furniture

Jumping up onto the couch takes a lot more effort for a small dog than for a big dog. It can be hard on their back when they do it again and again, leading to problems such as herniated discs and strained ligaments. As such, it is best not to allow small dogs to jump onto furniture. Either teach them not to jump up when they are young, or if you want to allow them on a certain sofa or chair, provide a small set of stairs they can climb to reach it.

Feed a food formulated for small dogs

Make sure you select a food that is marketed specifically for small dogs. Foods designed for larger dogs and those sold for "all sizes" tend to be shaped in too large of kibble for small dogs to eat well. Read the food bag carefully to make sure you are feeding the right amount, too. Small dogs need so little food that it is easy to over-feed them, resulting in obesity. Keep a close eye on your small dog's weight, and if they do begin to look overweight, cut back on their diet a little. Make sure you're limiting treats, too. A bone that would be a small treat for a larger dog can be a whole other meal for a small dog.

Provide space for exercise

Yes, it is important that all dogs, regardless of size, have space to exercise. However, people tend to neglect this need with small dogs especially since they figure they have enough room in a small home or apartment. But even though your small dog might be able to run and move around more indoors than a large dog would, they still need to get outside and stretch their legs. You can take them for a walk in the park, let them loose at an off-leash park, or fence in your own backyard for some running space. Just make sure you remember to give them a chance to exercise.

The above care tips for small dogs will help you keep your furry companion happy and healthy. Reach out to a vet, such as one from Murrells Inlet Veterinary Hospital, to learn more.