Benefits Of Sedating A Dog For A Long Car Trip

Posted on: 9 April 2020


If your family dog isn't keen on being in the car and you're planning a family car trip, you might find yourself facing two difficult options. One choice is to leave the animal with a boarding service, which can be costly. The other option is to proceed with the car trip, knowing that your dog's behavior may be problematic. Fortunately, there's another option that you might not have considered. Your family veterinarian may approve of sedating the dog for the car trip, allowing it to happily sleep while you're traveling. Don't hesitate to speak to your vet about this service and, if he or she can do it for you, schedule a pre-trip visit to your local animal hospital. Here are some benefits of sedating your dog before a long car trip.

Less Anxiety For Your Dog

A dog that gets anxious during short car trips is apt to be extremely upset for the entirety of a long trip. The dog may pace, pant, moan, or otherwise behave in a manner that indicates the degree of stress it's facing. As a loving pet owner, you don't want your family dog in this state, especially for a period of several hours. When you opt for pre-trip sedation at your local animal hospital, the trip will be much more pleasant for the dog.

Relaxation For Your Family

A long car trip with an anxious dog can be upsetting for your family. Family vacations should be enjoyable, but if every member of your family is aware of just how upset the dog is, this can definitely hinder the overall experience. For example, your children might be paying attention to the dog's behavior instead of noticing interesting and unique sights out of their windows. Sedation that helps your pet to sleep during the car trip will allow your entire family to enjoy the overall experience more.

Better Time Management

One way that you can provide some relief for an anxious dog riding in your car is to stop. Visiting a local park or highway rest stop will allow your dog to get out and run around a little, burning off some stress in the process. This approach can be valuable when you're traveling with a dog, but it can also make each section of your trip take way longer than you want. For example, a four-hour drive can turn into significantly more time because of your frequent stops. When your vet sedates your dog, you can manage your time better while driving.

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